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Register young voters in Ohio by mail

Swing Left Peninsula is partnering with The Civics Center to pilot a nonpartisan program in August and September to encourage young people to register to vote using scannable QR codes.  

To participate, choose one of the following options:

Choose this to pick up all materials (pre-printed letters, instructions, addresses, and QR code stickers) in San Carlos, CA

Choose this to print materials at home (if you choose this option, we will email you the letter template, instructions, and addresses and send the QR code stickers by US mail)

RTV Sticker 2023.png

QR Code Stickers

Young people will register to vote online by scanning the QR code sticker that we send them and filling in their information.  We'll ask them to share their stickers, attach them to their phones and notebooks, and ask their friends to register.  We'll send a text reminder to register a week before the deadline. We will track new registrations in our "target zones" and compare them to non-target areas to measure effectiveness.  


Why Ohio?

In early July, abortion rights advocates in Ohio filed 700,000 signatures to place a reproductive rights measure on the November, 2023 general election ballot.  The chance to protect reproductive rights is very motivating to young people, and the ground we plow now will also support youth registration and turnout in Ohio's 2024 Senate race, which is expected to be one of the closest in the country.  

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Every high school student

Every year, 4 million Americans turn 18 and become eligible to vote.  But less than half of them do so, because they are not registered.  The Civics Center is on a mission to get every high school student in America registered to vote. Sign up for their email newsletter here.

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