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Impact of Vote Forward Letters

Vote Forward provides infrastructure and support for volunteers to send heartfelt handwritten letters to unregistered and low-propensity voters encouraging them to participate in our democracy.

Why Are Vote Forward Letters So Amazing?

Vote Forward’s 2020 letter writing effort is among the highest impact and most cost-effective voter turnout programs ever measured in a Presidential election, and the opportunity in 2022 is even bigger.

We Can Write All Year

No other Get-Out-The-Vote strategies are as bankable as letters.  We will write letters between now and October, stockpile them in our garages and basements, and then send the letters at the end of October for maximum impact.

Anyone Can Do It

Letter writing is the most inclusive political activity there is.  It does not require mobility, lots of time, special skills, or an extroverted personality.  Do you have trouble writing legibly by hand?  You can fold the letters into the envelopes, stick on the stamps, or help in other ways.

Letters Have Even More Potential in 2022

Because far fewer registered voters typically cast ballots in midterm elections (~60%) than in Presidential elections (~95%), there is far more room for letters to boost turnout in 2022. Unusually high turnout in 2018 (~81%) flipped the House.  Let's expand our House and Senate majorities with record-high turnout in 2022!

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