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Mail Day is Tuesday, March 28! 

It's time to mail your Get-out-the-Vote letters for the Wisconsin Supreme Court election!  Put them in the mail Tuesday, March 28th.      


Share a picture of you mailing your letters in the private Swing Left Peninsula facebook group.  If you're not a member yet, we hope you will join.  We are growing our social media presence in order to get louder about what a great job Democrats and the Democratic grassroots are doing.  Want to learn more?  Join our event with Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg--"the guy who got the midterms right" --per Vox:  Our Dem Grassroots is Powerful--Now Let's Be Proud and Get Loud! on Sunday, April 16th at 4pm Pacific time. 

Vote Forward has not announced it's next campaigns.  We know there will be campaigns for the election in Virginia starting in the summer.  There may be other campaigns before then.  Check back here and make sure you are signed up for our newsletter to be notified about new campaigns.




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